1. Admission to Hospital/Absence from the Home

If a resident is admitted to hospital or is absent from the nursing home, the weekly fee will remain ongoing and the room will not be re-allocated in the resident’s absence. The management of the nursing home shall not be responsible for a resident once they are outside the premises and not accompanied by a member of our staff.

2. Privacy and confidentiality

You have a right to privacy and have confidences respected unless to do so could cause some danger or a risk of harm to you. You will have access your care plan and nursing and medical records that are held in the nursing home. No one else, without appropriate authority, will be able to access these.

3. Complaints procedure

Because the nature of our business is people orientated and driven by people’s needs, there will inevitably be complaints on occasion. As our aim is to solve any complaints in a professional and efficient manner, we’ve outlined a 3-step procedure below.

Step 1

Complaints may be received from residents or their relatives and should be first addressed to the nurse on duty. Following investigation and failing a resolution, the complaint will then be addressed to the Person in Charge. At this point it will be treated as a formal complaint and recorded on the Complaint/Feedback Form.

Step 2

How the complainant can appeal a decision if dissatisfied.
If a resident remains dissatisfied, the resident/relative must be made aware of the role of independent advocacy services in appealing a decision. They must also be assisted in accessing the support they need outside the home to articulate their concerns and successfully navigate the system.

Step 3

If the need to refer a complaint arises, contact details for the HSE, Ombudsman and HIQA are as follows:

Office of the Ombudsman
18 Lower Leeson Street
Dublin 2
Telephone: 01 639 5600
Lo-call: 1890 223 030
Email: ombudsman@ombudsman.gov.ie

Oak House
Millennium Park
County Kildare
Email: yoursay@hse.ie
Web: www.hse.ie
Telephone: 1890 424 555

HIQA Head Office
Unit 1301
City Gate
Telephone: +353 21 240 9300
Fax: +353 21 240 9600
Email: info@hiqa.ie

If the complaint remains unresolved, it will be addressed to the most senior person who will investigate the complaint and report back to the resident/relative. All written complaints will be brought to the attention of the Owner(s). Residents are at all times free to direct a complaint to the HSE and if they so desire will be properly and fully facilitated. Where a complaint relates to a registered provider’s failure to comply with the statutory regulations, then that complaint should be referred directly to HIQA. Where a complaint relates to abuse, exploitation or neglect, the complaint should be addressed to HIQA.