The site and building

The building and associated access roads and car parking spaces is set on approximately 7 acres of what is originally a 49 acre Greenfield site.

The building is mainly a single storey construction consisting of 80 ensuite bedrooms on the ground floor.

The building has 3 main accommodation wings-

  • Wing A, Tullybeg- 27 ensuite bedrooms, consists of 26 single and 1 double. Capacity= 28 residents
  • Wing B, Loch Craoibh- 28 ensuite bedrooms, consists of 27 single and 1 double. Capacity= 29 residents
  • Wing C, Na Dóire- 21 ensuite bedrooms, consists of 17 single and 3 double. Capacity= 23 residents

The building is also fitted out with the latest state of the art fully equipped kitchen, with various goods stores, chefs office and changing facilities for the catering staff; shelved store rooms; 2 dining rooms (the main dining room based off the main kitchen); 6 day rooms; a main bathroom in each wing; a fully fitted out laundry (with the latest barrier laundry system for infection); 2 hair salons (one fully equipped); treatment rooms; 6 day rooms; 2 main assisted bathrooms and an outside central courtyard in each wing.

It has a fully kitted out activity room with piano, gramophone, large widescreen TV, games table,  and is full of memorabilia- a room suitable for all activities.

Building Design

The building was completed in 2011. It is a modern design, with external block/brick construction, and an internal timber frame. It has an A1 rating which is the highest BER (Building Energy Rating).


The building is fitted with an under floor geothermal heating system. This is a major cost saving versus conventional oil fired central heating (costs less than 40% of oil costs). It also provides a more even heat and each room has its own temperature regulator.


Drinking water, and water used for cooking and washing, is supplied by the public water mains. Water storage tanks are fed by a private well. This provides water for showers and toilets, while runoff rainwater from the roof is also fed to a separate water storage tank, which is also used for the toilets, with the well as a backup. This will be a major saving with water charges.

Internal Fit out 

Wing A is fully complete (28 bedrooms)

These 27 single and one double ensuite rooms are completely finished. Each room has a HIQA approved bed, bedside table, fitted wardrobe, armchair, 32inch wall mounted TV, notice board, wall painting, fitted curtains, and side lamp. Each bedroom also has its own locked drugs cabinet, plus a safe, neatly fitted inside the wardrobe. Each spacious ensuite bathroom has its own shower, toilet, sink, mirror, shelf etc.

Reception Area (fully complete)

This spacious hexagonal area, more in keeping with a five star hotel than a nursing home, is fully kitted out with its white American oak panelling and reception desk, relaxing sofas and armchairs, coffee dock, and various artworks. It is bordered by the manager’s office to the left and the director of nursing’s office at the back of the reception desk. These are fully fitted out as modern offices with computers, printers, phones, and a fax machine etc. the closed circuit TV screen monitor is fitted in these offices.

Epicare (Integrated Care Management System)

Epicare is fully installed. Epicare is a quality care system that reduces risk and helps unprecedented levels of compliance.

Administration of residents’ medication

Each bedroom is fitted with its own medicine cabinet. However the nurse can administer the medication to each resident from a drug trolley, while promoting safe practice.

Hairdressing Salon

The main hair dressing salon is kitted out with state of the art equipment, including a foot spa, and will be open to the community.


The laundry is fully equipped with the standard HIQA approved barrier system of individual spoiled and clean areas. The soiled area includes 2 washing machines, linen baskets, and a sink. The clean area is a well ventilated part including 2 dryers, ironing equipment and labelling machine.

Sluice Room x 2

This is located in the Tullybeg wing and Na Daoire Wing. It is fully complete with the bed pan washer, commodes, and stainless steel sink and locked press.