Care Services

Specialist equipment and mattresses[considered necessary by P.I.C]
Physiotherapy is 6 days a week
Each resident is seen weekly while residents post surgery /convalescence are several times per week.
Attendance of Chiropodist in Nursing Home every 2 weeks
S.A.L.T [Speech and Language Therapy]
Psychiatric services
Incontinence services
Pharmacy services
Specialist Chairs as prescribed by Occupational Therapist
Doll Therapy.

Additional Items and Applicable Charges

  • Pharmacy items not covered by GMS
  • Hairdresser
  • Chiropody (at subsidised rate) Residents are informed of their entitlement under the GMS scheme
  • Specialised equipment for individual residents own use
  • Transport to and from appointments

Paragraph A: Care Services

Long-term Residential Care Services

 Under this Paragraph A the Proprietor agrees that it will not charge fees for Long-term Residential Care Services above the Maximum Permitted Amount as agreed from time to time by the Proprietor with the NTPF under the Act of 2009, and the Signatory subject to the other terms and conditions of this Agreement agrees to be solely responsible and liable for the payment to the Proprietor of all fees (including the balance of all fees) due and owing to the Proprietor for the provision of Long-term Residential Care Services by the Proprietor to the Resident which are not otherwise discharged on an ongoing basis by the HSE within the framework of the Act of 2009.   

 The Maximum Permitted Amount applicable to the Nursing Home will change from time-to-time in accordance with the requirements of the Act of 2009 and will be confirmed, on request by the Signatory or otherwise is available for review on the HSE’s register of approved nursing homes at: