(a) Bed and board;

(b) Nursing and personal care appropriate to the level of care needs of the Resident;

(c) Bedding;

(d) Laundry Service; and

(e) Basic aids and appliances necessary to assist the Resident with the activities of daily living.

Care Services Available at the Nursing Home

Specialist equipment and mattresses [considered necessary by P.I.C]
Physiotherapy 7 days a week.
Each resident is seen every 2 weeks in normal course while residents’ post-surgery are seen weekly with a plan in place.

Attendance of Chiropodist in Nursing Home every 2 weeks
S.A.L.T [Speech and Language Therapy]

Psychiatric services

Incontinence services

Pharmacy services
Specialist Chairs as prescribed by Occupational Therapist
Doll Therapy.

Additional Care Services
Access to the Social Programme by reference to the Resident’s care plan which Social Programme may include any of the items listed in Appendix 1 or as otherwise agreed between the Parties