How we achieve our philosophy of care

  • We encourage and facilitate each of our residents (and his/her family, as relevant) to assist us to develop a care plan to ensure that the resident’s personal, health and social care needs are fulfilled. Family members are facilitated to be involved in creating the care plan with resident’s permission.

  • There are registered nursing staff on duty at all times in Esker Rí who co-ordinate and prioritise care on a continuous basis to ensure the team of trained carers, support staff and allied health professionals provide a professional service to each Resident.

  • Our staff training programmes ensure that nursing and care staff are responsive to the needs of the Resident and that ‘best practice’ is utilised on an ongoing basis.

  • We will ensure comfortable accommodation and a range of services are available in a relaxed, comfortable and secure setting.

  • We acknowledge and embrace our Residents’ Charter ensuring that the rights of the Resident in relation to privacy, dignity, independence and choice are respected at all times.

  • We will seek professional advice and consult with the Resident, the family of the Resident where applicable and the nursing/care staff, when decision making in relation to a patient’s treatment and plan of care.